About Wamogo Middle/High School

The Regional School District #6 school district covers three Northwest Connecticut rural communities: Warren, Morris and Goshen. The names of these towns are combined to create the name of the regional middle/high school = WAMOGO which houses grades 7-12.

Wamogo is also a part of the State of Connecticut’s vocational school program. Students come to enroll in the agricultural science programs offered at our school. These students are accepted in grade 9, and come from surrounding communities (Torrington, Litchfield, Bethlehem, Thomaston, etc). We have cows and pigs on our campus and a live feed “lamb cam” on our school website. The agricultural program is associated with the Future Farmers of America program (FFA) and our students actively participate in hands-on composting, grounds keeping, animal care, etc. The students in the program wear their blue corduroy jackets with great pride.

The academic program is college prep; general level classes were eliminated in 2010-2011. The incorporation of technology for instruction has increased exponentially in the past two years; all classrooms have Smartboards, and many teachers have participated in technology training run in-house and in conferences. There were 541 students enrolled (grades 7-12) during the school year 2010-2011.

The school’s website is: http://www.rsd6.org/subsite/whs

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