I Teach with Superteachers!

June 6, 2013 — 3 Comments

The students at Wamogo Middle/High School in Litchfield, CT, have been making “friendship and respect” videos this year at each grade level. These music video are shown at school assemblies and have become very popular with the students.

At the last assembly, one of the emcees tossed out a challenge, “Maybe the teachers will make a video next time!?”

Well, we did.

With a little help from a green screen, 27 members of the faculty representing a wide variety of disciplines jumped into the nearby closet wearing the big “W” (for Wamogo). Students in the video production class watched and filmed in amazement as, bearing some artifact from a particular subject area, each teacher donned a flowing red cape.

These teachers bravely risked their dignity, and their secret identities, in order to bring you the following video:

Next year? The other half of the faculty!

3 responses to I Teach with Superteachers!


    Well done W!

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